Why is CBD Pain Relief So Popular?

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Why is CBD Pain Relief So Popular?

CBD pain relief is nothing new. People have used CBD and cannabis extracts for thousands of years to treat all sorts of health issues and ailments.

Even more recently, CBD pain relief products have exploded onto the scene. The market on CBD is expected to get to $20 billion by 2024 (just three short years away).

So, what makes CBD pain relief so popular? And why has it become such a huge player in the pain-management industry recently?

Why Is CBD Pain Relief So Popular?

Well, there are quite a few reasons, actually!

According to a recent poll, 40% of 18-29-year-olds have used CBD at least once, and 32% 30-44-year-olds have given it a shot. Let’s cover the reasons below.

CBD is natural, and most CBD products are naturally derived from the cannabis plant. So many people, especially those who have done their research, know what kind of products are natural and gravitate to those that aren’t synthetic or that don’t contain synthetic ingredients. Of course, there are some CBD products that are not natural and are more synthetic-based, so you will want to do your own research when making choices.

CBD is also popular because it is accessible. CBD is federally legal, as long as it contains less than .3% THC. Each state and local governing body has its own restrictions, but generally speaking, you can purchase CBD in local stores, online, or through other methods. It’s easy to get CBD products, and they aren’t as expensive as some other OTC medications.

People’s interest in CBD pain relief has also exploded because of the fact that CBD comes in so many different varieties. CBD can be purchased in isolates, tinctures, gummies, prerolls, pills, and CBD creams like Realeaf CBD Pain Cream. If you’re experiencing anxiety, you can try oil drops under your tongue. If you value discreetness, pills could be a perfect answer. If you don’t like the taste of the oil, gummies could be the way to go. If you need fast relief from muscle aches, CBD pain relief cream could be the choice. 

The fact is, there are so many different ways to use CBD products, that they seem endless. You can try what works best for you, in whatever situation or condition you are experiencing, and odds are you’ll probably find something that works for you.

Finally, people are turning to CBD for pain relief because studies and anecdotal evidence show the proof. CBD use has been linked to treating chronic pain and long-lasting conditions as well as helping alleviate the effects of anxiety disorders. Studies are still new and ongoing, but the proof is in the pudding, CBD pain relief is no passing fad!

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