How To Relieve Muscle Pain And Body Aches With CBD Roll On

CBD Roll-On for Pain Relief

When it comes to pain relief, we all need solutions, and fast! For years, humans have relied on medicines, prescriptions, manufactured products, or synthetic oils to dull the pain. And sometimes, these don’t even help. Even worse, sometimes we have just been taught to “live with it”.

But for many, just living with it, or synthetic medicines just aren’t going to cut it anymore. In recent history, CBD has been gaining popularity as a natural alternative for pain relief and continued health. And rightfully so! Studies have shown that CBD can be beneficial for managing pain, including chronic conditions.

What’s more, studies have also shown that applying topical CBD products can be beneficial in treating conditions like arthritis, peripheral neuropathy and more. While science is still learning and showing all the benefits, it’s time for pain relief, and fast.

So if you haven’t tried a product like Realeaf CBD Roll on, now is the time! Or, if you have tried other CBD products, but never experienced the convenient fast-acting relief of a roll on, you’re in the right spot.

Read on to find out how to relieve shoulder, back, knee, waist, and muscle pains!

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can come from any number of sources. Whether it’s sleeping on your neck wrong, an activity with the kids, or you’re an athlete who just got done with a game, shoulder pain can be a huge issue.

For fast relief, twist the cap and roll on the top, back, and side of the shoulder area. If you have a certain area that’s experiencing more discomfort, apply directly to that area as well.

Back Pain

Back pain is the number one cause of disability worldwide. Back pain can be an issue for any number of reasons, and because it is so common, there are many types of relief available. But nothing beats the fast, convenient relief that comes from Realeaf CBD roll on.

To use, just apply the product directly to trouble areas. The roll-on bottle makes it easy to handle and roll on to those tough-to-reach areas with ease. And if you still need someone to help, go ahead. No one will judge!

Knee Pain

Knee pain is pretty much an inescapable issue for almost everyone, especially as age starts to creep up. Current or previous injuries can cause flare-ups, and you need something quick to deal with the pain.

For fast-acting relief, apply CBD roll on to the front or back of the knee area. With fast absorption, you’ll be feeling better in no time.

Waist Pain

If you’re experiencing pain or tightness in your waist, you’ll find a natural solution in Realeaf CBD roll on.

Apply directly to problem areas or to whichever side of your waist is aching, and continue the process until you start to feel some of that pain alleviate.

Muscle Strains

Maybe your pain has less to do with joints and aches, and more to do with a muscular injury. If this is the case, simply apply the roll on to the affected area. Apply every four hours as needed.


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