Five Reasons Active Athletes Should Use Hemp Gel For Pain

Try Releaf Hemp Gel For Athletes

Sports and pain are almost always synonymous. Athletes are always on the go, and when pain, injuries, or aches get in the way, that can be a huge problem. You can’t wait for pain relief to kick in after the game. Whether it’s football, basketball, trail running, ice skating or any other type of athletic activity, when the pain hits, fast relief is always the best option.

As studies have shown in recent years, the pain-relieving effects of CBD can be incredibly beneficial for athletes. But athletes need something that is high-strength and convenient, and that acts fast.

Because of their natural properties, topical CBD products like Realeaf hemp gel can be a great choice for people who are active and always on the go.

Here are five reasons why CBD hemp gel is a great choice for pain relief in athletes:

Hemp Gel Is High-Strength

Hemp gel is high-strength and potent. That means that when an ache or pain comes up, you can count on it to really pack a punch and give you pain relief. Gel products contain wide-ranging levels of CBD, but broad-spectrum is one of the most potent. A great option is Realeaf Hemp Gel, which contains 250 mg of broad-spectrum CBD. That’s enough to really alleviate pain and to keep the active person in you going.

Hemp Gel Is Natural

Hemp gel is a natural alternative to pain-relieving medicines or topicals. At Realeaf, our gel is made with USA-raised organic hemp extracts and other natural active pain relief ingredients. It’s safe for the skin, and isn’t animal-tested. That means you can trust that what we put in our gel is going to be most beneficial for your body.

Hemp Gel Is Convenient

Using hemp gel is easy and convenient. It comes in small packaging so you can take it wherever you go. Just put it in your gym bag, backpack, or waist bag. When you feel pain, just pull it out, apply to the area, and keep the game going! You don’t have time to stop when you’re on the go, so use hemp gel as a convenient alternative for pain relief.

Hemp Gel Is Fast-Acting

Every athlete knows the feeling when a muscle or joint ache hits. When that happens, you need relief fast. Waiting for something to kick in, or waiting for after the game, match, or race is not going to cut it. That’s why hemp gel is great! It’s applied right to the area of pain and absorbed through the skin as you rub it in. It’s as simple as it gets. Every second counts, and that’s just another reason why hemp gel is a fantastic option.

Hemp Gel Is Long-Lasting

For long-lasting pain relief, nothing beats hemp gel. Because of its natural and potent formula, and its gel-like properties, the product lasts longer when applied to the skin. It’s absorbed quick, but continues to last. It is thicker than CBD oil, but contains all of the benefits so that when applied, it will go the distance.

If you’d like to learn more about natural topical CBD products, or to try Realeaf hemp gel, shop now!